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gift just in time for the holidays. >> this is an amazing story. a puppy stolen from an oregon humane society is now back in the hands of its rightful owner. chris woodward tells us how social media played a big role in bringing that puppy home. >>reporter: back in the arms of his new family. >> i fell in love with him when i first saw him. >>reporter: it's likely this 3- month-old puppy has no idea what he's really been through. >> i started tearing up a little bit. i was excited. >>reporter: moments earlier this family got to see john for the first time since he was stolen. >> he was in my arms when i first met him, and he's very good now, so it's good. >>reporter: saturday morning the belzer family was here to adopt john and had just finished the paperwork to make it official. >> the staff went to retrieve the puppy from the kunl, doors opened, puppy's gone. >>reporter: john had been stolen. >> i was confused. i was, like, are you sure they don't have him somewhere else. >>reporter: the oregon humane society put out a plea for help and monday got a tip that led them to a home
's coming up. >>> a puppy stolen from the humane society in oregon is back home thanks to social media. saturday the family went to the shelter to adopt a upy. after finishing the paperwork, the puppy was gone. the oregon humane society put out a tip and it led them to another home where the dog was kept. >>> try getting into this house, santa. in southern california allison likes christmas so much and christmas trees that she has more than 100 of them inside the house. she started the tradition 13 years ago and she keeps going and going and they're all decorated, too. >>> santa left something unexpected in these stockings. new borns are wrapped in christmas stockings. the hospital says it helps create a warm welcoming environment for the maternity ward over christmas. >>> many people head back to the stores to return unwanted gifts and hit the post christmas sales but what kind of deals can you expect. we'll compare them to black friday. we'll show you where you won't be able to return a gift even if you have the receipt. >> find out if a home automation system will work and if it's w
there just in time for christmas. the adoption papers at the oregon humane society were signed and the belzer family, they were ready to take their puppy home. when the staff went to go get him, he was gone. he'd been stolen. the humane society put out a plea for help. >> folks in oregon care deeply about pets, and the social media pressure was outstanding. so i think when they realized they had a hot puppy so to speak, they were eager to return him to the shelter. >> we brought him in and our eyes just lit up and we were just really happy. >> the belzer family says john is their best christmas present. so far no arrests, though, have been made for the person, the grinch who made off with that dog. >> yes, but they had a change of heart which is nice. i'm glad that they turned it around. >> he realized he had a hot dog. i mean, people are looking for this animal. >> what kind of dog was that? i've been saying all morning, what is it? is it like a box terrier. >> some sort of chihuahua terrier mix. i think when all else fails they say it's a terrier mix. >> that little dog could be a little bo
programming. in portland, oregon, street books at the library for people who live on the streets, clinton books by bicycle, and memphis, tennessee, wheelman read, brings african-american men together with three to five-year-olds to develop a lifelong readers. i would like to ask each of the winners to stand and be recognized for the dedication they bring to their task. [applause] >> and finally, i would like to thank my fellow board members for their hard work. and i have to acknowledge the foundation staff this year under the tireless leadership of harold. now listen to this, two weeks ago, the foundation offices were flooded. they have not reopened, and in the past three days the staff have pulled a seven big events including this one with no telephones, no office, no mail. computer servers now reside in herald dining from. from all of us, our heartfelt thanks. [applause] now, on behalf of the national book foundation, congratulations to all our finalists. good luck, and on to the awards ceremony. thank you. [applause] >> just a few orders of business before we begin the awards. one is
.35 an hour, ten cents above the federal minimum of $7.25. but in oregon, it'll go up to $8.95 an hour, and in washington state, $9.19. "anything under $10 an hour is obscene. it's not enough to live in any city in the u.s." there's now a push to raise the federal minimum wage. "the minimum wage needs to be raised. it hasn't been raised in some time. we should consider indexing it to inflation." in 2004, voters in florida approved indexing the minimum wage to the cost of living. colorado voters did the same thing two years later. they are among ten states where that connection is made and where wages go up january first. in florida, the 12-cent increase, to $7.79 an hour, will benefit 210,000 workers. it'll add $370 to their annual wages and $46.2 million to florida's gdp. still, not enough, according to some. "people who work 40 hours a week need a $10-an-hour minimum wage. this is from a retailer. retail wages stink." "we see people work three jobs just to make ends meet. that's not fair." in late november, president obama met with small business owners for their input about the fisc
prisoners. two were released in oregon because of budget cuts. without a deal there will be an 8 percent cut in federal grants to state and law enforcement. ainsley? >> thanks, heather. did you get a handful of gift cards that you can't use or gifts you don't want for christmas you are not alone. today is the great day to turn the unwanted gifts and gift cards into cash. consumers savings experts andrea is here with phipps for us. what can we do if we got a bunch of gift cards we don't want. >> you always think a gift card is an easy gift sometimes you get a restaurant that you don't frequent or places that aren't nearby. you can turn that to cash. in the gift card exchange you can learn different tips on how to do that. you can go to gift card granny.com where they will buy back unwanted gift cards up to 92 percent of that card's value. you might even think about exchanging that gift card for a store you shop at more frequently. >> you need to register your gift cards as well. >> yes, you can register for your gift card. also remind yourself to do that. you can go on-line at the stores web
, the elementary shooting in newtown, connecticut we have been reporting a few days before that in the oregon shopping mall shooting. also recall over the summer the aurora movie theater massacre that gun involved. one of the weapons the beltway snipers used in washington, d.c. in 2002. david lee miller has been tracking today's developments. he joins us live from our new york newsroom. david lee, police say now they searched the house. they haven't been able to get in there for a while and they found somebody's remains. who is it? >> that's right. it now seems almost certain jamie that spangler is responsible for the death of his 67-year-old sister with whom he had a relationship. shortly after the rampage authorities say she couldn't be located and this afternoon authorities said they made a grizzly discovery. >> we did locate apparent human remains in the ruins of the house of 191 lake road. the medical examiner has removed those remains. again, 191 lake road is where the shooter resided with his sister. medical examiner will be working on the identification. i'm assuming that's going to t
in portland, oregon. hi, matthew. >> caller: good morning. can you hear me? >> host: good morning. >> caller: i just like to bring up a couple women heroes i was thinking. famous in ireland in ulster, a famous warrior woman that was known the pest warrior out of all of ireland and she had a training camp in ulster where all the real high-quality warriors would go and learn from her. and a lady in -- that helicopter -- a welsh lading that helped lead a resistance against a roman invasion, and bill hooks, a famous writer, and also -- advocating for compulsory education for girls in pakistan who was tried and murdered. i'd like to make that comment. my condolences to your parents, and i love that. i love how you talked about the -- do not have to be -- more than capable of being trained to be able to defend themselves. and, yeah, so peace and love. >> host: matthew. >> guest: i appreciate that. i should also tell you that so many, matthew, of the people that got -- when we started writing "heros for my son" and i went on facebook or twitter and said please send me other heros and so many people
and the president made of us and as a result i've gone out into my community and my district goes from the oregon border to monteray, and i've met with all kinds of different people. we have 33 indian tribes in the northern district of california, most people don't know, and i've met with those people. i've met with the muslim community, with the siekh american community, with the lgbq community, with the human rights commission in san francisco, all kinds of people, and we talk about all kinds of things. we talk about things that are more common to the u.s. attorney. we talk about fraud and identify theft and hate crimes and civil rights issue and there's one thing that comes up in absolutely every conversation that i have had with people in the district, and that was bullying. and it really, it was, it's not surprising to the people in this room, i know. it was not surprising to me but it was troubling to me that in every community that i was meeting with, this was an issue prrp violence, harassment, physical, cyber, social, children on children, this kind of behavior is so disturbing and
've now seen from the last three mass shootings in america, aurora, oregon and now the sandy hook school is the preferred choice of weapon for disturbed young men who want to commit atrocities. the president of the united states has indicated he wants to ban assault weapons like this. what is your view? >> i think we need to ban gun laws that ban people from protecting themselves. all over europe there have been mass murders -- >> you're talking complete and utter -- >> people need to be able to defend themselves to the point of the crime and not for the police to come until after everybody's dead. >> what you said, mr. pratt, the gun deaths in australia and britain, they are 35 people killed a year. your country is 12,000. >> your murder rate is lower than ours, that is true. >> it's 35 against 12,000. >> your violent crime rate -- your violent crime rate is higher than ours, as is the violent crime rate in australia. america is not the wild west that you are depicting. we only have the problem in our cities and unhappily in our schools where people like you have been able to get laws p
. as the persian friends in oregon the ultimate result of the iranian revolution in to get business degrees and did well but the stratum below that came to the united states. whenever there is an of people we get more. those changes so dramatically. diet, food, we hear becoming the international nation. [laughter] what a wonderful description. we have time for one last question. >> from global affairs, thank you for your time. a quick comment, the map tells us for the arab-israeli peace in relation to water scarcity issues? >> turkey has all the water with the middle level power. to discuss israel in four places this is where we come down to a geographic determinism. this is precious and is more precious and more in more people are on the disputed territory. ra to it achieved. what we have been preoccupied with iran and israeli settlement building is robust. it does not gterritory. rather sellers or the rising arab birthrate. it becomes harder and harder to it achieved. what we have been preoccupied with iran and israeli settlement building is robust. it does not get much news, but facts are on the
in corvallis, oregon, is looking for a new wife. this story is hilarious. he is 82 and says he was married and divorced three times before he was even 40. >> i cleaned up my act. at this point i'd love to find the, if you wish, the perfect companion. >> the sign around his neck advertises his availability. he is only interested in meeting someone over 60. >> he believes only in asking for what you want. >> he needs to try eharmony. >> he is doing it the old school way. >>> wait until you see this. she was on a roll toward thousands of dollars on the game show wheel of fortune until a slip of the tongue cost her everything. >> yeah. renee durette was on the show last week and had the answer to the puzzle, seven swans a- swimming. but when she gave her answer, she mispronounced the last word leaving the g off the swimming so instead she said "swimmin." the judges ruled it a wrong answer and her opponent won but amazingly renee says she is not upset. >> they have to protect against regional dialects so i should have been more straight lined in my enunciation of the phrase. i still watch the
enrolled at reed college in oregon at a time when timothy leary was telling students across the country to turn on, tune in, and drop out. jobs did after one semester. >> the time we grew up in was a magical time. it was also a very, you know, spiritual time in my life. definitely taking l.s.d. is one of the more important things in my life and--not the most important but right up there. >> he eventually drifted back to his parents' house and became one of the first 50 employees to work for the video game maker atari. but he was not a big hit with his coworkers. >> never wore shoes, had very long hair, never bathed. in fact, when he went to work for atari, they put him on the night shifts because people said he smelled so bad that they didn't want to work with him. >> you know, he believed that his vegan diet and the way he lived made it so he didn't have to use deodorant or shower that often. it was an incorrect theory, as people kept pointing out to him at atari. >> jobs took a leave from atari and spent seven months wandering across india looking for spiritual enlightenment, and it t
problems, same story, 101 northbound at oregon expressway. 880 near the coliseum. you can see traffic slowing down. finally at the east shore freeway you can see traffic on the left hand side of the screen ask moving well as you make your way toward the bay bridge toll plaza. >> good morning. we have been tracking fast moving downpour across parts of the bay area. here is the live camera be log toward the walnut creek area where we have a lot of cloud cover. a bit of a breeze, wind from ten to 20 miles an hour. as far as -- you can seat coverage scattered about the area. as i said heavier rain that will impact the ride this morning. development with in the past few minutes toward parts of marin across the richmond san rafael bridge. rainfall rates have been picking up toward richmond. move the maps to the south and east. not as much action to report but around the livermore area and scattered about to the west of fremont. bulk of the action focused in southern third of the area toward the santa cruz mountains and santa clara. we zoom in here. we show you -- this one cell just moves s
dating. a senior citizen in oregon is taking a low-tech an unconventional approach to finding a wife. here isty steele story. >> i used the term wife because that is what most people will associated to. he stated that he is no stranger to ladies. >> in the first 39 years of my wife i have been married three times and divorced three times. he is 82 years: he states that he has changed. >> he stated that he is not looking for what his 20 year-old seoul would have won it. sometimes he forgets that he is wearing a sign. >> mccullogh has had quite a life so far. he has written several books, and has a master's degree in zoology. he's been about a decade teaching biology in private colleges and another decade leading support groups for couples considering divorce. the >> >> it is 9:52 a.m.. we will be back in a few minutes. we are talking about the weather in the bay area and how the rain has turned to sun. it is not backing off in rough weather and other areas. here is a live look from indiana and you can see that it is breezy and they have a little bit of snow. it has been tough going f
at a security gate. it was the site of a 2009 attack that killed seven cia contract oregon and a jordian intelligence officials. >>> officials in afghanistan are learning more about a woman that shot and killed an american contractor. we want to bring in barbara starr at the pentagon. some of the things we hear about when you talk about insider jobs are the taliban dressed as women with the high jab and everything. we know this was a woman responsible for the attack. what have we learned about her? >> not very much, because the afghans have her in custody and apparently by all accounts she's not really talking. the afghans did hold a press conference and showed an iranian passport. they say this woman is an iranian national, she came from there and married an afghan and became a member of the afghan police force. none of this, again, independently verified by the nato alliance. she went to the compound with a weapon hidden under her clothing. she wanted to kill someone she thought was important. she walked around looking for somebody and came up behind this american contractor as he was
will be best for oregon, what are the things that are native to oklahoma and that will grow the best heat they have their and the lack of water. what will do best in vermont, virginia. let's encourage our natural environment because, one, it is a lot cheaper. and she was a penny pincher. [laughter] frugal is the nice word. but she wanted us to live up to the best that god gave us, and she believed that having those native plants on the highways would remind us of the beauty that god gave us. and it was a lot cheaper not to be planting roses out there or something that was not going to come up next year. so when you see those little signs about, forgive us for not mowing but we're waiting for the seeds to go in the ground, it is said the money. and it is wonderful. we now have a wonderful wildflower center that has been named after her. she finally led us to do it. she did not want it named after her. but the lady byrd wildflower center in austin. we're doing everything to raise money for it and we're goingand. to do a children's garden so we can start with the little children, teaching th
,000 miles away in oregon running near a busy highway. a local humane society tracked down cane's owner by using his identity chip. that is a nice christmas gift if you get your pooch back after nine months. >> gretchen: let's go other headlines. 7:30 in the morning on the east coast, so much for taking action after the benghazi terrorist attack. exclusive report in the new york post reveals the punishment for four state department employees who didn't do their jobs could be bogus. we're told the assistants secretary of state eric boswell who resigned after a scathing report on the attack only gave up his appointed part of his position. not his other duties. he and three other employees put on administrative leave will be allowed back on the job and back on the state department payroll. >>> his job is supposed to be reporting the news, but nbc's david gregory has become the news for this. >> here is a magazine for ammunition that carries 30 bullets. >> gretchen: the only problem is that washington, d.c. gun laws say that just carrying a magazine that can hold more than ten rounds of amm
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